Why Choose Us?

The Suite Group is a gathering of like-minded professionals, pooling talents from public relations, marketing and media. A boutique consultancy, specializing in travel and life-style that offers clients one resource, multiple talents and years of experience. They’ve teamed together in the belief that all these vital elements of marketing must work hand in hand to create a successful branding and sales plan. The Suite Group consults with each client, assesses their needs, and draws from their rich experience to propose a fresh, streamlined plan to effectively produce the desired results.

Our Services

Public Relations Services:

  • Press release and newsletter creation and distribution to proprietary list of travel and lifestyle editors and freelancers for print and digital outlets
  • Social media campaign on available platforms
  • Distribution of press information and develop theme stories.
  • Press events, announce a Grand opening, a re-launch, a re-branding in targeted U.S. cities.
  • Coordination of press trips (group and individual) to destinations in cooperation with airline and tourism offices.
  • Representation in the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), the national organization of U.S. travel journalists.
  • Monitoring of appropriate travel sites and blogs for placements and click-throughs.
  • Clipping service
  • Develop cross-promotion opportunities

Travel Trade and Consumer Interaction:

  • The Suite Group can prepare an extensive marketing strategy to include both travel trade and consumer markets.
  • For increased reservations and market share penetrating the travel trade is an essential element in travel marketing.

Travel Agent Community Outreach:

  • In-agency presentations and sales calls
  • Set-up partnering opportunities with major US agencies i.e., entrée to preferred vendor programs, post property/organization on agency sites, develop commission override programs.
  • Intro to US travel consortia organizations
  • Organize sales trips with supplier representative, to include events.
  • Consult on travel trade event participation and representation.
  • Organize Educational trips
  • Distribute e-mail blast and newsletter to travel agent list


Today, video is not an option. It is a necessity. Statistic show press releases that include video are opened 50 % more than simple press releases.

  • B-roll shooting, Viral marketing, Video re-purposing, Producing and editing from start to finish (interviews, onsite filming, video releases)
  • Production Services: creative planning, directing, shooting, lighting crew, CO Recording, Script Writing
  • Post Production Services: editing video and audio, graphics/animation, music score, scanning photographs, transcriptions, video and audio transfers, DVD Authoring, formatting, Web Videos and streaming
  • Web Streaming: Consultation
  • Graphic Design: Print ads, power points, invitations and collateral